Intelligence is not a tribute to color.”



Juan hails from Dallas, Tx, the city of opportunity. The sonic boom he creates comes from a place called life. Every sound used creates a moment from which he lived thru and/or have seen to mold him into the force he's become today. Other than so, he's just jamming! Besides, who doesn't like music? As of now, Juan seeks to give the city a home sound, if not, different atmosphere to choose from.

See, Juan has been a musician almost all of his life. Being forced to join the band by his parents in the 4th grade, aside from wanting to achieve the "hoop dream", has steered his life in so many directions for his talent has almost always exceeded certain limitations for him. It allowed him to travel out of the state of Texas for the first time, introduced him to a brief visitation to the university world and countless opportunities to advance as an artist in life. From being a drum major in the 8th & 12th grade to becoming an part-time artist in the indie world shows his dedication to his craft which molds him. And it doesn't stop there.

In the process of becoming a new face in the rap game, he never lost site of his goal: To become one of the best producers in Dallas to do it. Teaming up with an indie label heightened his knowledge in the game and has provided a sense of importance to what he has become today. Coming up in the industry with artists proved he belonged to the craft in may ways, accredited or not. Also, working as an broadcasting engineer and being an radio personality at a local internet radio station in Dallas has helped broaden his business mindset along with meeting other top names in the industry. Thus, there are many unheard of or being silenced due to misrepresentation or lack of a unique style. "There is so much talent in this one little area and the world should at least hear it." Meeting other talents in the city made Juan realize how important it was to establish himself and for that, he is grateful.

So, here we are. A few projects later and a couple tragedies helped refocus what's important to him. Producing. It seems to be the only way people can connect with him so he's emulating sounds into instrumentals & future hits as a full-time gig. He hopes to encourage the next silenced note in the sound of life to make some noise at the drop of a beat. Be on the look out for the next best dream in the city of Dallas...

Thank you so much for the awesome entrance music! I love your music and would love to work with you again soon!”

Tiffany “Flex Rated”

one of my artists is completely in love with that dope ass purple rain beat you made. keep up the good work sir!!”

Adam "Gafa-Gimmie"